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  • Andrew Mfula Aug 18, 2022

    Great program

    Great program. Helped me during Sixth Form to get the results I desired. Many thanks to Hemang. Amazing Program.

  • Kevin Govender Jun 29, 2022

    Thank you for taking the time and…

    Thank you for taking the time and giving your best.

  • Adam Butt Aug 18, 2022

    Excellent tutor

    Enjoyed my lessons with Hemang right from the start. He is an excellent tutor who explains maths concepts cleary and is patient when answering questions. Definitely would recommend .

  • Jaz Jan 31, 2022


    I really enjoyed my sessions with Hemang. He is a very skilled tutor as he understands and is familiar with the subject material, the exam process and the syllabus content. He is very good to work with and I found it easy to ask questions and understand his answers. With his help I managed to pass my A level maths and I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.

  • Gunjeet Dua Aug 19, 2022

    Absolutely amazing learning from Hemang…

    Absolutely amazing learning from Hemang for my A level physics. He is very friendly, supporting and encouraging. Explains everything very nicely and builds on concepts. It was great going through all past papers and focussing on gaps. Highly recommended!

  • Sairah Jan 4, 2022

    Excellent Maths/Physics tutor.

    Every lesson I had I learnt so many new things and even if I didn't completely understand something he would take the time to explain and ensure I got there. His patience and intelligent methods make him an excellent tutor. I could see the improvement in my work soon after my first tutoring session.

  • Aazan Sep 8, 2022

    Top-tier tuition!

    Hemang is a brilliant tutor who has a broad conceptual understanding of the a level syllabus. His ability to break down even the most daunting math problems into understandable chunks has been vital to not only my success at A-level, but also growing a deep fascination for maths itself. His teachings have lead to my fast progress in self studying further maths and in my regular a levels. I highly recommend him to anyone pursuing mathematics.

  • Esaam Mirza Jun 28, 2022

    My experience at actual tuition as a tutee

    My experience at actual tuition with Hemang was perfect. Absolutely no complaints with my tuition- never once was a session started late, and never once did I find myself dreading our sessions. Extremely informative, fun and helpful. Would 100% reccomend to anyone looking for maths/physics tuition, Hemang’s your guy!

  • Nicole Rix Jan 29, 2022

    Great tutoring

    Hemang has helped me get to grips with the bits of the further maths course which I needed extra guidance on. He was super friendly and explained things in a way which you could get your head around which made the sessions really enjoyable! Would highly recommend to anyone struggling on Regular or Further maths

  • Ameen Kharkowa Jan 24, 2023

    Mentor, tutor and more

    Taking into online tutoring can be daunting, however my experience with actual tuition so far has been great. Seeing the progress that I’ve made since year 12 is almost hard to believe but has been made an easy process with Hemang. Offering simple and concise tutoring breaking down key concepts excellently has enabled me to improve in maths. With much more work still needed to be done I am confident the results are achievable with Hemang.

  • Mark Boulton Jan 22, 2023

    The best there is - lucky to find him

    I can’t really find the words to praise Hemang enough. It was just good fortune that we found him on the internet - but we were immediately attracted by his cheerful smile and energy. We felt he would be more like a maths mentor than a teacher for our son Henry who was starting his A level maths course . He has proved to be all this and more. Henry looks forward to his sessions with Hemang - has actually started enjoying maths (!) - and has continually surprised his school teachers with his progress . Alongside his gift for imparting enthusiasm for and knowledge on his subject - he is the epitome of professionalism and reliability .

  • Serra Melis Caunt Jun 29, 2022

    My experience

    I reached out to Hemang first at the start of year 12 when I felt too embarrassed to ask for help. I discovered that Maths was not my strong point and often felt I could not keep up/ understand the content at the speed it was taught in the classroom. My class consisted of students who also took further maths and physics which boosted them so naturally I always felt disadvantaged. From my very first lesson to my last during my two year learning journey; Hemang was the best tutor I had. The support, time and help Hemang gave me was like no other. I would like to thank him for always taking the time to explain topics to me in a way I understood even if it took multiple attempts. I can whole heartedly say that without Hemang’s ongoing support I would not have achieved the grade I did at A-Level. What differentiates Hemang from other tutors is that he believed in me. If you are hesitant to reach out to a tutor like I was, then I hope this review can encourage you to change your mind.

  • Jamie Lai Jan 25, 2023

    A tutor that goes above and beyond

    Hemang has been tutoring me in maths since the end of year 12 and has continued to do so up to this point. I have had no problems throughout knowing him and have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together. He is always on time and does his best to accommodate my needs. I would say that not only is his teaching of excellent quality, but the relationship he is able to build is like no other that I've experienced with a tutor. I feel that the conversations I have with Hemang are genuine and that he does take interest in my life outside of my studies. He feels very relatable too, not like a regular student-teacher relationship you would find at school. I think the little things that he does in his sessions go unlooked. The setup on zoom is top-notch, with there being no delay, everything being clear and the use of a tablet is something that can be taken for granted, especially in maths tutoring. I would definitely recommend Hemang to other students looking for some extra help in maths.

  • Max Jul 26, 2023

    Ive been having lessons with Hemang for…

    Ive been having lessons with Hemang for about a year and a half and i can honestly say he is better than any teacher my school has to offer. He has really improved my grades in maths and science, and i would highly reccomend because one on one attention is sometimes all it takes for a huge improvement in academic performance.

  • khyanatun Jul 28, 2023

    A Testimonial for Actual Tuition Tutoring!

    Hemang, my physics and maths tutor, has been an absolute game-changer for my academic performance. Before I started working with him, I was consistently receiving D grades in these challenging subjects, leaving me feeling frustrated and discouraged. However, since joining his tutoring sessions, my grades have soared to A's, and I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made.

    Hemang's teaching style is exceptional. He has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable parts, making the subjects feel much more approachable. His patience and genuine passion for teaching shine through in every session, creating a supportive and encouraging environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification. With Hemang's guidance, I not only improved my grades but also developed a newfound confidence in my abilities. I am immensely grateful to him for turning my academic journey around and reigniting my enthusiasm for physics and maths.

  • Mr Raja Miah Aug 17, 2023

    Proof is in the pudding!

    Today, A level results day for 2023. We were all delighted when my son opened the brown envelope and saw the A grade for Maths .. he was ecstatic with all of his grades.

    His school teachers did not think he was an A grade student and when that was said over 2 years ago we enlisted the help of Hemang. His method of teaching and confidence building turned things around for my son. All this was reflected in his final grade he achieved.

    Each child is different and Hemang adapts to the child needs with a passion - a quality not easily found in every tutor. I have 2 sons with two different ability and strengths, Hemang has taught both, and both achieved A grades. A wonderful tutor!

  • Mrs Monica
    Sep 3, 2023

    Hemang has been tutoring my 15yo son in…

    Hemang has been tutoring my 15yo son in maths and physics and science for over two years. They bonded from the start and tend to use the time to go over school work. My son enjoys the lessons. Is engaged. And getting 7-9s in science mocks. I recommend Hemang. He’s a personable and agreeable and skilled teacher.

  • HipDip Sep 3, 2023

    Best Maths and physics tuition

    Hemang has been tutoring my son during his year 12 maths and physics course. He has been integral in helping him achieve the best grades and improve his confidence in the subjects. Hemang provides clear guidance, updates and I couldn’t be happier with the tutoring he has provided.

    Thanks for all your help and support and we look forward to year 13 tutoring

  • Callum Sep 4, 2023

    Incredible Maths, Further Maths, and Physics Tutor

    Hemang started as my further maths tutor in Year 12 but soon became my go-to for all things maths, further maths, and physics related! Our productivity in sessions is incredible and Hemang helps make sense of the content in an extremely engaging way. Additionally, Hemang sends a digital copy of the work we covered, including notes, theory and definitions, making for a perfect revision resource! I couldn't recommend Hemang enough :))

  • Nabeel Naqui Sep 4, 2023

    I am so so thankful i found actual…

    I am so so thankful i found actual tuition. They have helped my son so much in Physics, Chemistry and Maths over the last year. They are very thorough and really make difficult concepts easier to understand. Highly recommend them to any parent looking for reliable and excellent tuition.

  • Smirza Sep 5, 2023

    GCSE & A level

    Hemang taught both my sons through GCSE & A levels. He engaged well with them and they both enjoyed his lessons. Hemang always replied to my messages promptly and the monthly feedback was very informative. Hemang clearly has a passion in enabling his students to reach their full potential. Highly recommend him!

  • Ammaar Sep 5, 2023

    Actual Tuition Review

    Actual Tuition provided me a tutoring service like no other. The sessions were the perfect blend of productivity and enjoyment which were done thanks to the help of my tutor and his methods of teaching. Overall I have no complaints about the tutoring and I can’t not recommend it to any student in need of a little support in school.

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