My son has benefitted immensely, a win win all round

Hemang is very professional tutor and took the time at the outset to understand the
requirements my son had. This was followed up with an action plan and structure for each lesson. Hemang makes the lessons fun and interactive and my son has benefited immensely has and thoroughly enjoys and looked forward to each tuition. We were very lucky to have found a tutor that’s very passionate about his subjects plus makes it exciting for his students. A win win all round Thankyou
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Parul P | 22nd November, 2021 |
A Level Maths/Further Maths/Physics

For the first time our son is enjoying maths

Amazing mixture of top flight maths knowledge coupled with a wonderfully
approachable , very personable teaching style which A level aged students relate to immediately and which allows them to grasp topics they previously found very hard. Hemang has a real flair and passion for his tutoring and for the first time our son said he is starting to enjoy maths.
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Kim B | 7th November, 2021 |
A Level Maths

Lessons are challenging, enjoyable and fun

My 12 year old son is finding the maths lessons with Hemang really helpful to stretch
him additionally to his school work. The lessons are challenging whilst also being enjoyable and fun.
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Susan O | 7th November, 2021 |
GCSE Maths

As a parent I have been delighted

As a parent i have been delighted with the support Hemang has provided my son.
They have a great rapport and I am kept up to date on progress which is really helpful. Thanks so much for all that you have done to date.
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David L | 4th November, 2021 |
A Level Physics

Very friendly and helpful

Very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to booking maths tuition with Hemang.

Susan O | 24th October, 2021 |
GCSE Maths

Excellent tutor, Calm, Approachable

Thank you so much for providing my son with Maths tuition.
He has found his tutor (Hemang) to be an excellent tutor. He’s very calm and approachable and explains everything in details and provides excellent examples and examples to practice and always willing to help when he requires support. We will be continuing with Hemang for the foreseeable. Thank you, Sabu
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Sabu L | 18th October, 2021 |
A Level Maths/Further Maths

Brilliant tutor, I progressed

Hemang is a brilliant tutor who has a broad conceptual understanding of the a level
syllabus. His ability to break down even the most daunting math problems into understandable chunks has been vital to not only my success at a level, but also growing a deep fascination for maths itself. His teachings have lead to my fast progress in self studying further maths and in my regular a levels. I highly recommend him to anyone pursuing mathematics.
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Aazan K | 12th October, 2021 |
A Level Maths/Further Maths

Extremely friendly, Professional, Approachable

My son, Harry finds Hemang to be extremely friendly, professional and approachable.
I have contacted Hemang several times and he responds almost immediately, even at weekends and evenings. I would definitely recommend Hemang, so would my son Harry. Harry is 16 years old and taking Physics again in November this year. Thank you
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Lindsay B | 17th September, 2021 |
GCSE Physics

Hemang gave me the confidence to tackle anything

Hemang was flexible in his approach towards identifying the best areas of the A-level
specification to focus on. He was very willing to help with specific questions I had brought from lessons as well as providing detailed methods that would help with any question given. The sessions were balanced with a professional but relaxed atmosphere which took the pressure off and allowed us to work at my pace. Overall, Hemang gave me the confidence to tackle anything thrown at me during my A-level exams. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hemang as an A-level maths tutor.
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Victoria A | 25th August, 2021 |
A Level Maths

No hesitation in recommending him

I really enjoyed my sessions with Hemang. He is a very skilled tutor as he understands
and is familiar with the subject material, the exam process and the syllabus content. He is very good to work with and I found it easy to ask questions and understand his answers. With his help I managed to pass my A level maths and I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.
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Jasmine M | 17th August, 2021 |
A Level Maths

Super friendly and enjoyable sessions!

Hemang helped me get to grips with the tiny bits of the further maths topics which
I needed some extra guidance on. He was super friendly and explained things in a way which you could get your head around which made the sessions enjoyable! Would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling in A level maths or further 🙂
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Nicole R | 16th August, 2021 |
A Level Further Maths

Improvement after my first session

Every lesson I had I learnt so many new things and even if I didn’t completely understand
something he would take the time to explain and ensure I got there. His patience and intelligent methods make him an excellent tutor. I could see the improvement in my work soon after my first tutoring session.
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Sairah A | 14th December, 2020 |
GCSE Maths/Physics

My son really enjoyed the

Very personable and the information was clearly communicated. My son really enjoyed the lessons.

Beth D | 17th March, 2020 |
GCSE Maths/Physics

Supportive, Flexible, Attentive
and Diligent

My 16 y.o & 14 y.o have both had online tutorials with Hemang and both liked him immediately.
He has been supportive, flexible, attentive and diligent in his approach to supporting them in maths and science through their GCSE preparations.
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Sarah R | 26th December, 2019 |
GCSE Maths/Physics

Makes sure I understand at every

Gives relevant and useful advice on how to approach long questions and makes sure you understand at every stage.

Vipin C | 22nd December, 2019 |
A Level Maths/Physics

I would definitely recommend him

Hemang is a really good tutor and I am very happy with the progress I have made with
him. I am an a level student and I can already see an improvement in my grades. He explains the logic behind questions rather than make u memorize a method, this way you are prepared to answer any question you come across. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs that extra bit of help!!
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Serra C | 19th October, 2019 |
A Level Maths

Hemang has effective teaching methods

Hemang is a knowledgeable tutor and has effective teaching methods.
He is mostly flexible with lesson times. My daughter was struggling with A level Maths but has shown improvement now. Overall, quite satisfied so far.
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P P | 1st March, 2019 |
A Level Maths

Thoroughly goes through each topic

Hemang ensures that he explains the work well and thoroughly goes through each topic to make sure that I completely understand.

Cassandra O | 20th August, 2018 |
A Level Maths

We are very pleased with the lessons

Hemang has been giving my daughter an introduction to further maths mechanics
in preparation for starting A levels. We are very pleased with the lessons.
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Robert T | 1st August, 2018 |
A Level Maths/Further Maths

Really couldn't ask for a better tutor

Really good tutor really couldn’t ask for a better one.
Very engaging and very understanding. Learnt a lot from the few weeks I’ve been with him. Definitely recommend him.
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Elijah K | 11th June, 2018 |
GCSE Maths/Physics

Friendly, Patient and Considerate

He is friendly, patient and always considerate of ability. He is always clear with his
explanations and this has allowed me to quickly fill the gaps in my knowledge. Additionally he helped me develop effective strategies to deal with particular questions as well as exams in general.
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Christopher T | 18th March, 2018 |
A Level Physics

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